Kno Bails On Hardware, Takes Another $30 Million. Is An Android App Next?

Take a good look at the Kno textbook tablet at left because you might not ever see it again. Kno is getting out of the hardware business and, as reported earlier, taking another $30 million from Intel Capital, Advance Publications (owner of Conde Nast), and its previous investors (Andreessen Horowitz, Floodgate, First Round, and SV Angel). The company is now confirming the reports. CEO Osman Rashid puts it to me this way: “We have accelerated our 2012 strategy to 2011. Our long-term plan was always to support multiple platforms.”

Kno started selling its textbook tablets last year, with a $599 single-screen version and an $899 dual-screen. But, as I’ve noted before, competing against the iPad and Android tablets makes absolutely no sense. If a student is going to buy a tablet, they will buy one of those first. Nobody is going to carry around two tablets. Plus, you can’t play Angry Birds on a Kno.


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