The Right Way To Work At Yahoo

“6:30a and I am on my way into the office for the first time since November. Man, time flies,” tweets Yahoo front end engineer Dav Glass. Dropping by the office once every 4-5 months and still getting a full time paycheck sounds like the life to me.

Glass lives in Illinois and has been working for Yahoo remotely for the last year. But he’s been with the company since 2006. he’s “one of the few talented front-end developers left there,” a former Yahoo employee tells me, adding “Yahoo is probably the best company to work for if you have above average talent and want to coast. You’ll stand out like crazy.”

I’m certainly not implying that Dav is just “phoning it in,” but I will say this: I love the way he’s set up his work life. I may try something like that myself.


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