Virgin Mobile launches new, free music app in Android Market

Virgin Mobile USA has released a new, free music app to the Android Market and it’s not just limited to Virgin Mobile users. All Android users can access Virgin Mobile Live 2.0 and the benefits it offers for music fans. After the app is installed, you’ll be able to tune into Virgin Mobiles streaming music channel as well as view videos from past artist performances and starting next week, performances from SXSW will start to appear.

Another cool feature that Virgin Mobile has included is the "check-in" option for concert events. You can check into live events and share them with friends on Twitter and Facbook. As of now, it is loaded with Lady GaGa concert info but over the next few weeks the app will expand to more artists and venues. Full press release can be found after the break, as well as the download QR code for those interested. [Businesswire]

Virgin Mobile launches new, free music app in Android Market posted originally by Android Central

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